Assess psycho-social needs of patients assigned and initiates necessary arrangements for needed resources and/or discharge plans. Provides counseling to patients and families for care required by patient after discharge. Performs intake assessment/evaluation of treatment needs. Conducts group therapy sessions and/or individual therapy.


1. Counseling individual patients and family members.

2. Makes recommendations and referrals to home health and community agencies as needed.

3. Is knowledgeable in “Baker Act” and other Mental Health Laws.

4. Coordinates discharge planning according to discharge criteria for all patients and re-evaluates and modifies the discharge plan as needed.

5. Assists with program planning, development and evaluation.

6. Performs intake assessment/evaluation of treatment needs, including completion of psychosocial history and creation of treatment plan per hospital policy.

7. Assists in determining eligibility of social, medical, financial and other services to meet the patient’s needs.

8. Communicates psychosocial aspects of treatment with the multi-disciplinary team and acts as a resource for treatment planning and regarding patient/family involvement.

9. Monitors compliance and observes for adverse reactions to medications within the elderly population.

10. Monitors and ascertains the therapeutic modalities that are conducive to meeting the needs of the elderly patient.

11. Meets and consults with physicians regarding patient’s treatment plans and needs in order to meet the patient’s psycho-social and discharge needs.

12. Implements crisis intervention measures when indicated, including behavioral and individual counseling for suicidal ideation or controlling aggressive behavior.

13. Conducts individual and group therapy sessions. Proving Insight Oriented group; specialty groups as indicated and individual sessions for all assigned patients

14. Participates in researching community resources and evaluates them thru site visits to the agencies/facilities utilized as referral sources.

15. Participates in cross-functional CQI, safety and infection control studies as assigned.

16. Required to have flexibility of schedule in order to meet the needs of the patient and family members for purpose of discharge planning, counseling, etc.

17. Occasionally may require overtime.

18. Performs other assigned duties as required.


– Address age specific needs of adult and geriatric population in all intervention, assessment, and service delivery coordination.

– Maintains a professional level of conduct and appearance.

– Practices good public and guest relations by displaying a friendly and cheerful manner.

– Displays good judgment and tact when dealing with complaints and situations where the policies of the hospital are being enforced.

– Uses personal judgment and specialized knowledge to give information to people.

– Communicates well. Speaks clearly and listens carefully.

– Adheres to policy and procedures as set forth by the hospital.

– Maintains confidentiality of patient information.

– Assists patient and their families in their needs.

– Ability to multitask.

– Uses eyes, hands, and fingers accurately while operating a switchboard or computer keyboard.


Education and/or experience:

Associates degree in Nursing, Bachelors in Nursing preferred

A minimum of two years of inpatient hospital experience with CM/UR/DCP experience preferred