To provides care to patients in a manner that considers their safety and comfort. Assist patient with all activities of daily living and helps maintain the patient=s personal environment, using proper body mechanics and safety precautions in performance of duties.


  • Assesses changes in patient behavior and report same to the supervising nurse.
  • Participates in the development, implementation and evaluation of patient treatment programs.
  • Knows whereabouts of all assigned patients at all times.
  • Provides personal health care related to cleanliness, grooming, rest, activity and nourishment.
  • Assist in the set up for meals and snacks.
  • Assist in keeping group rooms clean and in order.
  • Actively participates in group therapy and recreational activities as assigned.
  • Assist in the coordination and implementation of structured activities, special events/outings that are recreational in nature.
  • Assist in the coordination of patient supplies necessary for activities and recreational therapies.
  • Performs A Purposeful Rounding monitoring which includes:
  • Visual checks on every patient every 15 minutes
  • If door to the room is closed – knock and present your self. Visually check on the patient.  If the patient is sleeping, assess the patient=s well being – check for breathing.
  • If the patient is in the bathroom -knock and make sure patient is okay  verbally check on patient and return to room for visual check.
  • Performs Night Shift Floater/Hallway Monitoring which includes:
  • Floater/hallway monitor must place chair against wall.
  • Chair is not to be placed in the doorway of patient’s room. Monitors patients on a one -on- one per procedure and follows a Gender Specific Policy guidelines documents on the medical records patient’s behavior progress.
  • Documentation shall reflect noted behavior and location of the patient at 15 minutes intervals. Document in A Real Time.
  • Effectively communicates observation regarding patient behavior outside of group therapies to supervising nurse on an ongoing basis.
  • Presents patient observation during staffing for treatment plan reviews.
  • Communicates effectively with other staff members to provide continuity of care.
  • Assist in crisis intervention to manage disruptive, violent and out of control patients.
  • Know and understand the Patient Restraint Policy and legal requirements.
  • Follows all safety standards in relation to patient care and protection from environmental hazards.
  • Reports all injuries and unsafe practice to immediate supervisor. Reports all safety hazards to the safety committee.
  • Demonstrates ability to carry out all assignments and procedures as offered according to policy and procedure manual.
  • Manages and operates equipment’s safety and efficiently.
  • Demonstrates team approaches, gives sense of helping others.
  • Uses time effectively.
  • Demonstrates awareness of the need for respecting the dignity and privacy of others.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and awareness of the patient grievance procedure.
  • Participates in hospital’s CQI, safety and infection control studies as assigned.
  • Occasionally may require overtime.
  • Performs other assigned duties as required.


  • High School Graduate or equivalent required
  • Current Certification as Behavioral Health Technician by the Florida Certification Board required
  • Current CPR certification required

Job Knowledge:

  • Previous work experience in Medical/Psychiatric hospital
  • Aggression Control
  • Patients Rights
  • Professional Ethics