The Director, manages, supervises and coordinates the activities of the Department of Surgery. Responsible for the standards, organization, patient safety and patient care process of these areas. Develops management expertise of assigned staff members to meet the needs of the hospital.



Develops and implements Policies and Procedures, establishes and maintains departmental philosophy, objectives and standards and trains department staff in overall operation of department, and monitors budget.

  1. Participates in planning of physical facilities and utilization of OR space.
  2. Assigns staff responsibilities and monitor department activities to ensure efficiency and accuracy of procedures.
  3. Actively evaluates products and systems utilized in the Department of Surgery and implements protocols for surgical procedures.
  4. Develops protocols for new and revised procedures and use of equipment.
  5. Implements and supervises operating room safety policies and procedures to ensure that safety of personnel and legal requirements are met for handling and disposing of surgical materials, tissues, etc.,.
  6. Assists in coordinating activities with other departments and in resolving operating problems.
  7. Performs duties of OR nurse as needed.
  8. Coordinates the interactions of the department with other hospital departments.
  9. Oversees the preparation of the annual budget for review.
  10. Prepares all of the statistical reports of the department.
  11. Develops policies and procedures for the department and ensures the proper maintenance of records, manuals, and quality control measures.
  12. Selects, evaluates and disciplines department staff.
  13. Participates in the selection and monitors the care and maintenance of all equipment and supplies.
  14. Develops policies and procedures that govern the use and availability of the department services, and supervises the charge and billing system within the department.
  15. Determines topics to be addressed and monitored for quality of care of the department.
  16. Supervises all departmental compliance with AOA standards as well as other governmental regulations for licensure and safety.
  17. Develops and implements techniques, programs, problem identification, and continuing quality assurance activities directed at improving patient care.
  18. Reviews the purchase of capital equipment as needed for department.
  19. Reviews the monthly employee work schedule, maintaining the ratio of procedures to man hours.
  20. Promotes safety awareness in the department and follows proper procedures in reporting all on duty employee injuries. Reports all safety hazards to the Safety Committee for follow-up.
  21. Counsels department personnel in situations that need clarification.
  22. Attends staff meetings to ascertain hospital policies, assists in their development, present and interprets these policies to the staff.
  23. Assumes responsibility for departmental personnel matters pertaining to the employment, training, termination and grievances of employees.
  24. Performs other assigned duties as required.



  • Demonstrates knowledge as a surgical nurse, recovery room nurse associated with position.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of asset and supply inventory, processing and distribution.
  • Performs in a calm and professional manner during surgical procedures including crisis and emergency situations.
  •  Correlates immediate post-operative care knowledge with clinical practice on a daily basis.
  • Develops cooperative/therapeutic relationships with all members of the surgical team.
  • Demonstrates ability to establish therapeutic relationships with the surgical team members through communications on a daily basis.
  • Demonstrates a cooperative effort with on-call coverage and assignment changes.
  • Responds to assignment changes in a timely manner.
  • Uses special medical skills to care for the sick or handicapped.
  • Ability to assess the needs of a job function and adjust accordingly.
  • Understand and use scientific and technical language and symbols.
  • Recognize slight differences in shape, color, and texture.
  • Use eyes, hands, and fingers to operate delicate and sensitive equipment.
  • Work precisely and accurately.
  • Follow technical instructions which may be oral, written, or in the form of charts or drawings.
  • Use measurable and verifiable information for making decisions or judgments.
  • Experience and knowledge about the various equipment maintenance techniques and equipment within the department.
  • Should be familiar with work and particularly, limitations of licensed workers in the operating room.
  • Ability to give instructions and to supervise staff.
  • Ability to estimate and determine time and resources needed for the good functioning of the department.
  • Able to get along with coworkers, visitors, supervisors, etc.



Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing or Administration preferred.

State of Florida Nursing License required

CPR-C, certification required

ACLS certification required

Supervisory Experience and Training

Successful past experience in the clinical setting with a minimum of two years in operating room and recovery room nursing management. Experience in processing and distributing supplies. Experience in planning department budgets, in-service education.

Job Knowledge

Comprehensive knowledge of general nursing and surgical nursing theory and practice, supply, processing and distribution systems and procedures; new developments in nursing application and personnel administration. Ability to provide leadership and serve as a liaison between physician and staff. Designs and monitors various functional systems.