The Director of Pharmacy Services:  Guides and directs activities of pharmacy department so that standards are maintained, policies are carried out and satisfactory pharmacy services are rendered to all patients.  Provides and supervises drug information to other hospital departments, physicians and other Healthcare professionals.  Responsible for specifications of drugs, certain chemicals and other products and materials as approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. The Director provides leadership that supports the hospital’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. The Director of Pharmacy Services supervises the overall operations of the Department of Pharmacy Services and its staff, and interprets administrative policies, acts as liaison between staff and administration, provides leadership and professional growth opportunities from staff. Responsible for departmental financial planning and operation.


Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Implements policies and procedures and responsible for obtaining and interpreting hospital, Federal, State and local requirements pertaining to pharmaceuticals to effectively organize, direct and manage the department.
  2. Consistently meets compliance with all pharmaceutical regulatory agencies.
  3. Promptly informs respective administrative director of any violations pertaining to pharmaceutical regulatory requirements.
  4. Monitors the adverse drug reactions; insure that unexpected or significant adverse reactions are promptly reported to the FDA and the manufacturer; ensures that drug product defects are reported in accordance with the ASHP-USP-FDA Drug Product Problem Reporting Program; Implements corrective measures as necessary.


  1. Consistently demonstrates effectiveness in purchasing medications and pharmaceuticals utilized within the hospital; establishes specifications on quality and sources for purchase to ensure the best price and quality.
  2. Performs regular purchasing and inventory analysis; reviews stock levels and purchasing procedures; implements corrective measures as necessary.
  3. Regularly reviews charging policies and procedures and performs periodic analysis of lost charges to identify potential sources of errors; implements corrective measures as necessary.
  4. Promptly updates and revises the drug formulary when necessary; deletes drugs no longer used and adds drugs as appropriate; provides an updated formulary to each unit.
  5. Compiles and/or obtains formularies, information on medication preparation, standard compendia on pharmaceuticals, reference texts and journals for the department as reference for all staff members.
  6. Advises and consults with staff members on information concerning medications, such as warnings issued on drugs currently on the market, incompatibilities of certain drugs, or contraindications of drugs and other pharmaceuticals.
  7. Actively serves on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee.
  8. Consistently demonstrates the ability to serve as a knowledgeable drug information resource for the hospital staff and respective physicians.
  9. Performs drug utilization review and inspect pharmacy inventory as required to meet the need of the hospital and to avoid an oversupply of inventory.
  10. Regularly observes pharmacists to ensure that the techniques and procedures being used are correct; monitors work performance of interns and technicians to ensure adherence to established standards.
  11. Continually works closely with the nursing and medical staff and clinical department heads in order to direct and control the integration of the hospital’s pharmaceutical services with other aspects of overall patient care; ensures compliance with established patient care quality standards.
  12. Effectively provides services in specialized drug therapy programs such as chemotherapy, as established.
  13. Ensure the proper security policies and procedures are maintained to prevent pilferage; maintains strict control over the distribution of narcotics, barbiturates and alcohol, at all times.
  14. Ensures that biological, vaccines, and any other thermo labile medications subject to deterioration are stored under refrigeration or are inventory controlled to prevent uses after the recommended expiration date.


  1. Establishes and maintains a proper and appropriate professional and ethical relationship with pharmaceutical vendors and sale representatives at all times.
  2. Ensures that all pharmacy staff members respect the confidentiality of the patient’s medical records and that complete discretion is maintained at all times when discussing patient matters.
  3. Ensures that pharmacy window is properly staffed and that all requests are answered promptly and courteously during the hours of service.
  4. Ensures that a complete and accurate written record is maintained of all physicians’ orders for drugs and each prescription filled, for pharmacy records, for control files on narcotics, poisons, and habit-forming drugs, and for billing purposes.
  5. Ensures that the department equipment’s and facilities are maintained in a condition which promotes efficiency, health, and safety to staff and patient at all times.
  6. Accurately develops and maintains departmental records, reports, and patent’ records profile; collect statistical data as required.
  7. Regularly performs studies to measure for reduction in medication errors and cost savings associate with unit dose method.
  8. Establishes a planned, systematic process for monitoring the quality and appropriateness of pharmacy services identifies opportunities to improve service, reports findings and conclusions as appropriate and takes action to resolve problems.
  9. Maintains responsibility for the Department of Pharmacy Services employees:

– Prepares employees performance evaluations based upon objective, measurable documentation and submits to Human Resources Department.

–           Recommends wage adjustments and other actions concerning employee status.

–           Counsels and disciplines employees per policy and documents accordingly.

–           Recommends promotions of departmental employees, assuring justification according to hospital policy.

–           Recommends termination of employees per hospital policies.

–           Ensures employees adhere to all Infection Control policies and Procedures, Risk Management Policies and Procedures and OSHA Regulations.


  1. Orients new Pharmacy Services Department employees and perform ongoing training:

–           Assures that new department employees receive orientation and pre-service training as required by hospital policy.

–           Provides on-the-job training for department employees on an on-going basis.

–           Assures attendance of departmental employees at all hospital required in service training programs.

–           Assures that all departmental employees receive proper education and are in compliance with the hospital safety regulations.

  1. Responsible for the Pharmacy Services budgetary preparation, implementation and cost effective strategies:

–           Develops and prepares annual departmental budgets according to hospital policy, procedure and schedule.

–           Responsible for maintaining departmental operations within budgetary guidelines.

–           Prepares and submits departmental budget variance reports according to hospital policy.

–           Assumes responsibility for operating the department in a cost effective manner as evidenced by adherence to fiscal guidelines.

–           Integrates departmental services with hospital primary functions.

  1. Implements supervisory responsibilities of the Department of Pharmacy Services:

–           Demonstrates ability to initiate planned changes in the department due to workload, schedule changes or emergency situations and reallocates staff accordingly.

–           Demonstrates ability to implement problem solving mechanisms in operational activities and emergency situations.

–           Develops and revises Job descriptions and staff competencies as needed.

–           Hires, evaluates disciplines and terminates personnel as scheduled and/or as needed.

–           Demonstrates effective skills in recruiting, interviewing and selecting new employees.

–           Demonstrates the ability to maintain open communications, promote professional development and motivates employees.

–           Ensures employees adherence to dress code including the wearing of ID badges at all times.

–           Provides leadership and direction to actualize organizational and departmental goals and objectives.


  1. Continuously reviews and improves delivery of services through an on-going quality improvement plan:

–           Ensures that all department personnel comply with government regulations and hospital policies and procedures.

–           Ensures that all department personnel performance appraisals are completed on a timely basis.

–           Ensures employees adherence to dress code including the wearing of ID badges at all times.

–           Provides leadership and direction to actualize organizational and departmental goals and objectives.

–           Assesses patient care and safety within the department.

–           Periodically review and update all procedures and policies relevant to pharmacy services.

–           Submit all policies and procedures that may present an infection hazard to the infection control committee for review before adoption and implementation.


Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to give and carry out oral and written instructions.
  2. Get along with people of all backgrounds
  3. Ability to sit, stand and walk frequently.
  4. Ability to supervise and instruct.
  5. Be able to lift, carry, and use hands and fingers skillfully, safely and easily.

To do this job, you must have the following amount of total education and/or experience:

–           A pharmacy Doctorate or Masters in Science in pharmacy

–           Pharmacist Florida License

–           Consultant Pharmacist Florida License

–           At least two years supervisory experience in customer pharmacy practice preferred.

–           Demonstrated leadership, administrative, human resource and managerial skills required