To transport passengers to and from designated areas.May also perform courier services as directed.


1. Transports passengers to and from designated areas as requested.

2. Perform courier services as directed.

3. Offers assistance to passengers entering and exiting vehicle.

4. Maintains appropriate logs and records.

5. Maintains vehicle in operating condition and reports malfunctions immediately.

6. Maintains cleanliness of vehicle.

7. Operates vehicle in a manner which ensures safety for self and passengers.

8. Uses vehicle communication system to maintain contact with dispatcher.

9. May be crossed trained in other areas where applicable.

10. Participates in departmental CQI activities.

11. May be required to vary shifts and/or weekend rotation as the needs of the

department dictate.

12. May include overtime.


– Carry out specific instructions, following a simple routine.

– Do the same task over and over, frequently in the same way.

– Get along with all kinds of people.

– Use hands and fingers skillfully and easily.

– Bilingual (English/Spanish)


To do this job, you must have the following license before being hired:

– Current Florida Operators Driver’s License.

To do this job, you must have the following amount of total education and/or experience:

– Less than high school education.

– Knowledge of Miami-Dade County area.

– On-the-job or equivalent training.