Operates, maintains and repairs electrical equipment and systems under the supervision of the Director of Plant Operations. Subject to emergency call-in when requested by Director of Plant Operations.


1. Operates, runs and understands emergency power circuitry, runs tests and troubleshooting power failure other than FP&L outages.

2. Knows codes and regulations regarding electrical safety and latest construction techniques.

3. Reads and follows electrical drawings and schematics to gather information for a particular purpose or assignment.

4. Keeps records of equipment serviced by date and extent of work.

5. Maintains electrical kitchen equipment, laundry units, air handling equipment, refrigeration, fire alarm system, etc.

6. Initiates requisition by identifying parts and quantities to be purchased.

7. Performs other duties as requested by Physical Plant Director.


· Motor coordination and considerable manual dexterity are necessary for fine adjustments and safe hand tool operation on specific assignments.

· Coordinate eyes, fingers, and hands to operate equipment.

· Ability to assess the needs of a job and adjust accordingly.

· Experience and knowledge about the various electrical components and materials required to complete electrical jobs.

· Ability to follow instructions

· Ability to estimate and determine time and resources needed to complete a job.

· Able to get along with coworkers, visitors, supervisors, etc.

· Knowledge of electrical distribution of high rise buildings, industrial plants or hospitals needed.

· Familiarity with normal and critical equipment and life safety power systems as listed in N.E.C. codes.

· Basic knowledge of low voltage systems such as paging, music, etc.


To do this job you must have the following amount of total education required:

High School graduate with Vocational, Electrical or Trade School training. Electrician’s license is desirable.

On the Job and Technical Experience Required:

One year of experience in hospital maintenance or an equivalent of five years on the job experience in high rise building maintenance or related field.

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  • Please list 2-3 dates and time ranges that you could do an interview.