The Staff Nurse is a Registered Nurse who plans, organizes and provides general nursing care to patient in the Emergency Room. The Staff Nurse also dispenses medications to patients during the shift.
When acting as a Charge Nurse, directs, coordinates and controls the nursing activities of the Emergency Department on a shift.
Under the direction of the Dir. of Critical Care, is responsible for the operations of the Emergency Department during assigned tour of duty by exhibiting a leadership role in carrying out the mission, goals, and objectives of the hospital, focusing on the patient, physician and employees as customers. Integrates operations with other departments to ensure efficiency and coordination.

1. Ensures staff assignments are made and communicated within one hour of start of shift. Updates and reassigns as warranted by the Emergency Department needs.
2. Directs staff effectively to ensure maintenance of established standards for delivery of nursing care and to ensure completion of the assignments and compliance with standards of care, policies and procedures.
3. Makes rounds and discusses patients with attending/ consulting physician, to identify treatment issues, review and direct focus of care.
4. Ensures all nursing activities are conducted per the Emergency Department schedule, by appropriate staff and monitors same for effectiveness and quality.
5. Enforces rules, policies, and regulations of the therapeutic milieu.
6. Ensures all physician orders are taken off and implemented within one (1) hour of entry in chart.
7. Ensures all pending labs or diagnostic reports due are obtained within shift and reports any discrepancies to the Director of Critical Care.
8. Serves as a clinical resource person and assists nursing personnel in assessing patient/family status in delivering nursing care.

Ensures judicious use of the Emergency Department supplies and monitors equipments to ensure that they are in working order. Notifies appropriate individual when equipment are not working and provides follow up to ensue corrective measures are taken.
10. Assesses the Emergency Department for safety and cleanliness. Reports all problems identified to appropriate departments and ensure follow-up action taken to ensure corrective measures are taken in a timely fashion.
11. Provides a comprehensive report to oncoming shift which effectively addresses status of patient, problems being addressed, diagnostic procedures/tests completed or special precautions, and any follow up actions required by oncoming/future shifts.
12. Meets with other Emergency Department charge nurses on a monthly basis for the purpose of identifying and resolving the Emergency Department issues.
13. Assists with the planning and implementations of effective strategies which addresses and improve quality of service.
14. Provides direct patient care as warranted to assess particular patient needs, provides relief or supplemental assistance as warranted by the Emergency Department /patient needs.
15. Occasionally, makes assessment and identifies patients needs according to hospital policy, uses clinical judgment when providing care and/or setting patient care goals.
16. Creates a plan of action to meet those goals. Incorporates the physical, social and psychological needs in the process.
17. Report patient clinical observation and medical outcome to pertinent person (i.e., physicians, department director, etc,).
18. Documents observations timely, accurately and legibly in the medical record of the patient. Follows established documentation protocol.
19. Ensures all documentation by self and others effectively addresses patient problems identified in treatment plan, reflects patient status in specific clinical issues and reflects effectiveness of treatment plans per hospital policy.
20. Assists and works cooperatively with other hospital staff members as needed.
21. Coordinates with other disciplines to streamline and provide smooth patient care.
22. Provides patient and family education based on assessed needs.
23. Modifies the interview techniques to adequately assess the geriatric patient by identifying the physical, psychosocial, and educational needs common to this age group.
24. Identifies increased physical/ emotional dependency needs and availability of support networks.
25. Identifies increased sensitivity to climate changes and makes arrangements for temperature adjustments as appropriate.
26. Determines presence of disability affecting mobility due to decreased sensory acuity.
27. Provides for safety measures. Utilizes high risk for falls protocol as an appropriate preventative measure.
28. Assesses potential for increased educational needs due to compromised abilities to comply with therapy and interventions.
29. Addresses physical as well as psycho social concerns of physically challenged patients in provision of care.
30. Able to communicate effectively with patients who have physical challenges.
31. Effectively addresses and ensures safety needs of this population.

32.Assists with orientation of all personnel assigned to the Emergency Department and completes orientation form as assigned.
33. Respond to patient having a cardiopulmonary arrest and other medical emergencies.
34. Explains in easily understandable terms all aspects related to care and elicits feedback to ensure comprehension.

1. Graduate from an accredited school of nursing.
2. Current State of Florida nursing license required.
3. Current CPR certification required.
4. Current ACLS certification required.
5. Current PALS certification required.

Job Knowledge:
1. Two year experience as an ER staff nurse.
2. Minimum of two years experience in critical care areas.