The Infection Control/Employee Health Coordinator is responsible for providing surveillance throughout the hospital in order to identify, investigates and record data concerning hospital acquired  infections; initiates Infection Control measures as directed by the Infection Control Committee and Administration; collects monthly data and analyses reports of Infection Control/Employee Health activities relating to infectious/communicable diseases to the Infection Control, Quality Improvement and Safety Committees. The Infection Control/Employee Health Coordinator indirectly supervises all employees in regard to Infection Control/Employee Health practices. Works closely with the infection Control Committee and other departments to achieve the goals of the Infection Control Program.


  • The Infection Control/Employee Health Coordinator conducts ongoing surveillance of infection.
  • Collects compiles and interprets data.
  • Analyzes information for hospital acquired infection reporting.
  • Contributes to the support of the multi-disciplinary Antibiotic Stewardship program by reviewing all culture and sensitivity reports and medication administration records daily. Any antimicrobial agent used must be appropriate and compatible with the culture and sensitivity results. Discrepancies identified by Infection Control will be communicated to the primary care nurse/charge nurse and the pharmacist in order to ensure physician notification and appropriate antibiotic usage. The purpose of these activities will be discussed during orientation/annual in-services and results of these activities will be presented to the IC, QA-PI and Medical Executive committee.
  • Prepares monthly reports for the Infection Control Committee and QA-PI, MEC.
  • Makes rounds for the purposes of case finding and observation of environmental factors, employee practices and compliance with the Infection Control policies and procedures.
  • Report communicable disease to the Florida Department of Health as required by state statues.
  • Participates with in-service education for all employees on an ongoing basis:
  • Assists in general Infection Control orientation of new employees.
  • Assists with employee’s annual in-service.
  • Provides mandatory OSHA related training, blood borne and airborne pathogens.
  • Assists in departmental education pertaining to Infection Control as needed.
  • Reviews, revises and implements policies and procedures on Infection Control at least every two years and makes recommendation to department heads pertinent to revision.
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge and adherence to hospital wide policies and procedures.
  • Maintains documented continuing education in Infection Prevention.
  • Formulates all OSHA Exposure Control Plans and review/revise as needed.
  • Coordinates the Employee Health Program:
  • Assists Human Resources in developing pre-employment and annual health screening program and refers employees for additional evaluation as necessary.
  • Oversees the Employee Immunization Program as directed by the Infection Control Committee and Administration.
  • Monitors, documents and assures proper follow up of any employee exposures to communicable diseases/blood borne pathogens.
  • Assists in developing systems, policies and procedures to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Employee Health Program.
  • Coordinates QA-PI activities hospital wide as directed by the Infection Control Committee and Administration.


  • Graduate from an accredited school of Nursing, B.S.N. preferred.
  • Current licensure in the State of Florida required.
  • Knowledge of Regulatory Agency compliance issues.
  • National Certification in Infection Control preferred. (C.I.C.)
  • Maintains current CPR certification.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of basic principles of epidemiology, Infectious diseases, microbiology and Biostatistics theory and practice.
  • Previous clinical, supervisory/management and educational experiences.