To properly operate and maintain the mammography equipment to produce mammograms for diagnostic purposes.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Clean and organizes the darkroom.
  • Performs mammography exams. Verifies the order and resolves any questions.
  • Explains procedure to patient but does not give results or any other type of indication information. Answers the patient’s questions and concerns.
  • Assists patient when necessary, changing, adjusting to equipment, and prepares and positions patient for examination. If applicable, prepares contrast media and verifies the proper contrast is used.
  • Checks to be sure patient has signed the appropriate consent and if applicable, that is not allergic to contrast.
  • Maintains a clean and safe environment in the mammography area as well as radiology areas. Cleans the mammography room after each use.
  • Reports equipment malfunction immediately to supervisor.
  • Provides high quality patient care by maintaining the safety, comfort and dignity of the patient at all times.
  • Treats patients, physicians, visitors and families with respect at all times. Uses proper phone etiquette. Practices customer service standards and handles all matters with the utmost care as to confidentiality and patient rights.
  • Conduct daily quality control utilizing the sensitometer and densitometer. Participates is the hospital’s QAPI, safety and infection control studies as assigned.
  • May be required to vary shifts and / or weekend rotation as the needs of the department dictate. Occasionally may require overtime.
  • Reviews all mammography/breast ultrasound jackets.
  • Responsible for mailing patient letters (results/6 month follow up/certified).
  • May be crossed trained in other areas where applicable

Specific Vocational Preparation:

Graduation from an accredited program of radiologic technology. (Certified and/or registered in mammography)

To do this job, you must have the following licenses or certifications before being hired:

• Current Florida Radiologic Technologist license.

• BLS certification

To do this job, you must have the following amount of total education and / or experience.

• Minimum of one year experience.