The Orderly provides non- related health services necessary in caring for personal needs and comforts of patients in the surgery department. The Orderly assists with transferring, positioning and transporting of patient. Maintains a clean environment within the department as well as assisting and supporting all members of the surgical services team.


1. Assists in the safe positioning of patients for surgical procedures.

2. Assists during surgical preps by holding limbs correctly.

3. Assists with safe moving of patient from OR table to stretcher/bed.

4. Removes all soiled linen, trashes and suction canister to include proper handling, disposition and replacement.

5. Stocks scrub sinks with brushes and antiseptic solutions.

6. Maintains a clean environment in the department.

7. Puts away stock supply orders daily.

8. Places linen and trash in receptacles for proper disposal.

9. Demonstrates understanding of infection control and safety practices on daily basis.

10. Adheres to the department/hospital general policies.

11. Addresses patients, visitors, co-workers and physicians in a pleasant, respectful manner, displaying courtesy at all times.

12. Maintains confidentiality of all patients, hospital and physician related information

13. Assures that cleaning of each operating room between procedures is observed by RN and/or management team.

14. Diluted disinfectant solutions as per procedures.

15. Performs other assigned duties as required.



  • Must be graduate from High School
  • Current CPR certification required.

Experience and Training:

Successful past experience in the health delivery setting with a minimum of three to six months as an orderly.