1. Responsibility in the preparation of surgically removed samples which will

be processed by the Pathologist during the Gross examination and later sent to the

Histology Reference Lab for processing.

  1. Prepare cassettes with the tissue from the Gross examination.
  2. File Blocks and slides.
  3. Handle surgically removed body parts and amputations for gross examination, processing and disposition.
  4. Handle bookkeeping, coding and billing for the Pathology Department
  5. Specific knowledge of Pathological Medical Terminology.
  6. Work in the environment of formalin, tissue biopsy fixative fluid, blood and human tissue.
  7. Computer skills.
  8. Send reports to Clinician offices, Hospitals and Clinics.
  9. Manage and maintain records and files pertaining to Pathology
  10. Track Samples that have been subpoenaed by the Courts.
  11. Assist the Pathologist with the equipment and utensils when he performs the Frozen


  1. Help maintain and clean the equipment including the Cryostat (Frozen Section) used in

Pathology and keep it in optimum condition and working properly.

  1. Notify and contact Pathology equipment maintenance companies in the event of


  1. Inventory, order and maintain adequate supplies for the proper functioning of the department.
  2. Retention and proper disposal of specimens removed at surgery and processed by Pathology.
  3. Proper handling of records, tissue blocks and slides and reports given to Recall Storage.
  4. Prepare specimens and shipments to be sent for Special Stains to out of state Reference

Laboratories or to Consultations.


       High School graduate or equivalent: no license required.