The Patient Experience (PX) Representative will provide service excellence support with a strong and dedicated commitment to Patient Experience to all patients, their loved ones, and Keralty professional and support staff. They will maintain a positive, patient, family and employee centered, problem-solving attitude by communicating with various customers toward creating an environment where engaged employees provide positive memorable experiences to our patients.

The Patient Experience Representative will play a key role contributing to a peaceful healing environment while contributing to enhanced communication and connection with our patients, their families, and Medical Center staff. PX Representative uses center-based practices related to culture enhancement, mentoring for personal and team effectiveness of patient and family centered care guiding principles and patient experience to result in ensuring a high performing unit culture leading to the delivery of a consistent exceptional patient experience.


1. Assist in maintaining a safe environment for patients, co-workers, and families and monitor environment-of-care.

2. Serves as an internal resource and subject matter expert on patient-and-family-centered care.

3. Greet and welcome patients providing guidance and orientation

4. Assist with recognizing, understanding, and reporting patient concerns to appropriate parties.

5. Work independently and deal effectively with stress as a result of heavy workload and the handling of multiple patient inquiries.

6. Use critical thinking while responding to a variety of technical issues from patients, their loved ones, and staff.

7. Serve as a facilitator in developing a culture of compassion and caring through building healthy relationships among staff, patients, and families.

8. Cordially greet visitors and patients upon arrival and departure.

9. Anticipate the needs of our patients and aid patients and visitors by obtaining wheelchairs, or other services as needed.

10. Excellent organization skills to be able to multitask and prioritize patient’s needs.

11. Have a sense of urgency to be able to resolve and find solutions for patients and their families in a timely matter.

12. Understand patient workflow and support navigation throughout the visit.

13. Supervise the floor to identify any delays and wait times in lobby and advise front-desk personnel/manager of prolonged delays while providing service recovery to patients as needed.

14. Supervise the patient experience protocols performed by the medical center staff along the whole attention process

15. Support the implementation of different service models based on population, segments and internal policies.

16. Follow and support the implementation of patient experience best practices


  • An exceptional communicator who maintains professional and empathetic demeanor when addressing patients.
  • Able to think logically and apply knowledge to resolve needs of family and patient.
  • Must be thoroughly knowledgeable of the hospital organization.
  • Must have a good working relationship with management, department heads, supervisors and staff.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills.
  • Positive, innovator, evaluative and creative professional.
  • Problem solver professional.
  • Knowledge of office management systems and procedures.
  • Up to date with latest business gadgets and applications.
  • Teamwork and detail oriented.


Education and Experience:

· High School Diploma or equivalent.

· Bilingual (English and Spanish).

· Minimum 1 year of relevant experience.

· Able to rotate weekends, holidays, shifts and center location according to company needs.

· Relevant or any other job-related vocational coursework.

· Consideration may be given to an appropriate combination of education/training, and proven experience.