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This website is designed primarily as a resource for you to obtain pricing estimates for our most frequently utilized hospital services. We hope that through this and the other information we provide here, you can make more informed choices about your healthcare and have a better understanding of your financial obligations when you visit our facility.

Service bundle information is a non-personalized estimate of costs that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services. Actual costs will be based on services actually provided.

Our hospital is pleased to provide information to consumers related to the financial side of your healthcare needs. Here at this site, our patients can find out about:

  • Obtaining a pricing estimate for our most frequently used healthcare services
  • Payment options and alternatives available to patients without healthcare coverage
  • Contact information to call us directly for a pricing estimate
  • Paying your outstanding hospital bill online
  • Other bills you might receive for services besides your hospital bill
  • How our billing process works
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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To see data about healthcare costs for national, state and local prices visit the
American Health Care Association’s website:

Our Commitment to Transparency

Your Right to Know
We want to give you the information you need to make healthcare decisions for you and your family including the costs of our most common services. We have convenient and affordable Self-Pay packages as follows:

GYN Procedures
Excision – Resection of uterus – Hysteroscopy

General Surgery     $2,100-$3,500
Laparoscopic          $3,000-$4,500
Determined by surgeon based on complexity and surgery time.

*Pre-operatory tests, Surgery, and Anesthesia included.
* Does not include Surgeon Fee.
* Does not include overnight stay:   $800 per night, semi-private room
$1,000 per night, private room

General Surgery

Hernia Repairs                  $2,000-$3,000
Gallbladder Removal    $2,700-$3,800
Hydrocele                          $1,800-$2,500
Circumcision                   $1,800-$2,500
Determined by surgeon based on complexity and surgery time.

*Pre-operatory tests, Surgery, and Anesthesia included.
* Does not include Surgeon Fee.
* Does not include overnight stay: $800 per night, semi-private room
$1,000 per night, private room


Abdominoplasty               $1,975-$3,775
Breast Augmentation     $1,200-$2,500
Breast Reduction              $2,375-$3,700

Determined by surgeon based on complexity and surgery time.

*Pre-operatory tests, Surgery, and Anesthesia included.
* Does not include Surgeon Fee.
* Does not include implants
* Does not include overnight stay: $800 per night, semi-private room
$1,000 per night, private room


Knee Arthroscopy               $4,000-$4,750
Shoulder Arthroscopy        $4,000-$4,750
Total Knee replacement   $5,500-$6,200
Total Hip replacement     $5,500-$6,200

Determined by surgeon based on complexity and surgery time.

*Pre-operatory tests, Surgery, and Anesthesia included.
* Does not include Surgeon Fee.
* Does not include implants
* Does not include overnight stay: $800 per night, semi-private room
$1,000 per night, private room

All other procedures are priced based on estimated Operating Room as follows starting at $1,750 the first hour, plus $650 each additional hour.

                               Self Pay Special Prices

TYPE                  DESCRIPTION                                      Price
CT Scan               CT head/brain w/o Contrast                     $149
CT Scan               CT head/brain w/Contrast                         $210
CT Scan               Sella Turcia W / IV Contrast                       $210
CT Scan               CT Abdomen & pelvis w/o contrast        $300
CT Scan               CT Chest w/o contrast                                $215
CT Scan               CT Chest w/Contrast                                   $250
CT Scan               CT abd & pelv w/contrast                           $350
CT Scan               CT abd & pelv 1/> regns                                $400
CT Scan               CT angiography chest                                 $384
CT Scan               CT lumbar spine w/o Contrast                  $230
CT Scan               CT neck spine w/o Contrast                       $236
CT Scan               CT maxillofacial w/o Contrast                   $179
CT Scan               CT lower extremity w/o Contrast              $200
CT Scan               CT lower extremity w/Contrast                 $250
CT Scan               CT lower extremity w & w/o Contrast      $295

Radiology            X-ray exam chest 1 view                               $26
Radiology            X-ray exam chest 2 views                            $40
Radiology            X-ray exam abdomen 1 view                       $36
Radiology            X-ray exam of foot                                          $39
Radiology            X-ray exam l-s spine 2/3 vws                       $46
Radiology            X-ray exam of pelvis                                       $42
Radiology            X-ray exam of knee 1 or 2   vws                    $41
Radiology            X-ray exam of shoulder                                 $38
Radiology            X-ray exam of finger                                       $42
Radiology            X-ray exam of femur                                       $37
Radiology            X-ray exam of clavicle                                    $40

Mammography   MAMMOGRAPHY 3D DIGITAL                       $225
Mammography   MAMMOGRAPHY SCREENING                       $75
Mammography   MAMMO DIAGNOSTIC UNILATERAL             $130
Mammography   MAMMO DIAGNOSTIC                                    $180

Ultrasound           Bone Density                                                     $135
Ultrasound           Ultrasound Abdominal                                   $125
Ultrasound           Utrasound Pelvic/Transvaginal                   $150
Ultrasound           Ultrasound breast complete                        $139
Ultrasound           Ultrasound exam spinal canal                     $110
Ultrasound           Ultrasound breast limited                              $115

Appointment Requirements:
*Contact Information: Complete Name, Address, and Phone number
*Primary Care doctor information: Name and phone number
*Prescription/Order for the test
*Picture ID and insurance card (if insured)
*Call to request an appointment 48 hours in advance
*HMO plans require referral from PCP

To make an appointment please call (305) 264-5252 ext.1533


Keralty Hospital Financial Assistance and Charity Care

Keralty Hospital strives to ensure that the financial capacity of people who need health care services does not prevent them from seeking or receiving care.  It is the policy of Keralty Hospital to provide charity care to persons who have healthcare needs and are uninsured, underinsured, ineligible for a government program, or otherwise unable to pay, for medically necessary care based on their individual financial situation.

Keralty Hospital will provide care for emergency medical conditions to individuals regardless of their eligibility for financial assistance or for government assistance.

Keralty Hospital seeks to provide support for those unable to pay for medically necessary care. Services include:

  • Using fair and consistent billing and collection practices, including charitable care and financial assistance policies and a standard application process
  • Providing extended payment plan options and medically necessary services at reduced rates or at no cost for patients eligible for financial assistance
  • Providing emergency care, regardless of ability to pay

Keralty Hospital determines the need for financial assistance by reviewing the medically necessary services requested by the referring provider; any care previously provided; available insurance coverage or other sources of payment; and an applicant’s financial profile. This method allows for a fair and accurate way to assist patients who are experiencing financial hardship.

Required financial information may include annual household income, applicable assets, household size, and confirmation of application for all sources of coverage, including Medicaid, if eligible. International patients are not generally eligible for financial assistance.

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please contact Patient Account Services Department to discuss options such as a payment plan or financial assistance.

Patient Account Offices – Call 305-267-3800 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Eastern-time.


CareCredit® is a credit card issued exclusively for use in paying for your health care expenses. You can apply for a CareCredit® card to cover the facility portion of your bill at participating facilities.

  • Depending on the cost of your procedure and the options offered at your facility, you may choose between 6 and 12 month special financing options on qualifying purchases of $200 or more.*
  • To apply for a CareCredit® credit card, visit the CareCredit® website
  • Call them directly at: (800) 677-0718
  • Call your facility if you have any questions.
  • Click hereto learn more from the CareCredit® website.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See provider for details.



CM = Commercial     MA = Medicare       MC = Medicaid         OB = Obamacare

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