Performs and participates in decontamination, cleaning, assembling, packaging, scanning, sterilization, storage and distribution of reusable surgical instrumentation and equipment. Performs other duties as assigned or required.


  • Decontaminates and sterilizes instruments, medical supplies and equipment, and assembles wraps and sterilizes trays of instruments. Follows proper Standard Precautions while in decontamination and sterilization areas.
  • Monitors biological and chemical wash solution to ensure quality and consistency for decontamination of instruments and medical equipment.
  • Sorts mismatched sets of instruments, trays, and medical equipment and makes them available to sterile processing customers in a timely manner.
  • Restocks, labels, and maintains inventory, submits requisitions, collects and distributes instruments, trays, Intubation trays, and facility medical equipment.
  • Performs environmental maintenance duties and assists in maintaining inventory levels in sterile processing, the operating room, and in equipment storage areas.
  • Verifies that equipment functions properly, requisitions for equipment maintenance, repair or replacement, and removes defective equipment.
  • Maintains a clean work area
  • Assists with maintaining established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, and quality improvement, safety, and environmental and infection control standards.
  • Communicates appropriately using good interpersonal
  • Stores prepared articles and supplies in designated areas.

11. Routinely informs department director of any problems that could affect operation and efficiency of department.

12. Ability to undertake new problems and situations and arrive at proper solutions with minimum guidance.

13. Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meeting, and workshops.

14. Adjusts schedule to meet the needs of the department and the Hospital.

15. Completes job duties within required time frame, according to established policies and procedures.

16. Seeks new and better methods to de job and contributes new ideas to department operation.

17. Ability to handle new duties and responsibilities.

18. Responds well and quickly to changes in procedures or situations.

19. Able to grasp procedures and methods of operations equipment involved on the job, and subject matter.

20. Participates in department performance/quality improvement program as directed.

21. Adheres to department infection control standards according to established hospital policies and procedures.

22. Complies with hospital policies and procedures regarding confidentiality.

23. Maintains harmonious relationship with superiors and coworkers in order to achieve the goals and objective of the hospital.

24. Occasionally may require overtime.

25. Performs other assigned duties as required.

Skills and Abilities

Ability to carry out oral and written instructions, and understand technical information from supervisors, charts, reference books, manuals and labels.

1. Uses special medical skills to care for the sick or handicapped.

2. Uses personal judgment and specialized knowledge to give information to people.

3. Communicates well. Speaks clearly and listens carefully.

4. Adheres to policy and procedures as set forth by the hospital.

5. Maintains confidentiality of patient information.

6. Assists patient and their families in their needs.

7. Work fast in an emergency.

8. Ability to multitask.

9. Record information accurately.



High School Diploma or GED

Current CPR certification required.

Current Sterile Processing Technician Certification.

Experience and Training

Thorough knowledge of SPD functions within an operating room. Minimum one year of experience.