To assist the surgeon and the other surgical team members with all types of surgical procedures in a first or second assisting role.


1. Conducts initial patient interview and prepare history and physical forms prior to surgery.

2. Conducts initial patient assessment prior to surgery to include physical, psychological and social dimensions of patient.

3. Assists surgeons during procedures as directed.

4. Demonstrates skills in tissue handling.

5. Demonstrates knowledge of type of hemostasis and performs as appropriate.

6. Demonstrates knowledge of suture material and appropriate suturing techniques both in assisting and performing surgical procedures.

7. Demonstrates knowledge of instrumentation/equipment purposes and function.

8. Demonstrates knowledge of and adheres to basic rules of asepsis and infection control practices.

9. Observes zone of sterility of gown, gloves and sterile field before and during operative procedure.

10. Anticipates the needs of the surgeon by monitoring the progress of the surgery and knowing the various steps of the procedure and instrument/supplies needed.

11. Assists team members to place and position patient on table.

12. Properly identifies anatomic structures and instruments used in OR on those areas.

13. Demonstrates knowledge of instruments including purpose and function.

14. Appropriately names all surgical instruments and knows alternative names associated with the instruments.

15. Identifies deviation in proper instrument function.

16. Knows surgical routines and hand signals.

17. Assists with moving the patient from the OR table to the stretcher/bed.

18. Participates in hospital=s CQI, safety and infection control studies as assigned.

19. Always respond to on call assignment 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Occasionally may require overtime.

20. Performs other assigned duties as required.


To do this job, you must have the following amount of total education and/or experience:


– Current Surgical Assistant certification.

– Current CPR certification required.

Experience and Training:

Thorough knowledge of operating room practices, basic sciences related to physical and emotional conditions associated with position. Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. Relevant surgical training and experience.